About Zest

Zest. The good life explored through * food * fashion * fitness and whatever else is * fresh.

But why?…

We are three women from one family with varied interests to share with you! We heart white flour and butter and workout to make that possible.


Director of Marketing and Social Media by day…home cook, blogger, *fitness* buff by nite.

The kids are grown now and I have moved on from having to get mac & cheese on the table to more creative cooking. Enjoying blogging, shopping and cooking with my daughters, documenting historic family recipes and revisiting the great cookbooks that survived my kitchen remodel.

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I am a quarter-lifer feeling the growing pains of transitioning to being a “grown-up.” Exploring my passions while trying to find my place in the world of business, romance and just life! I have lived coast to coast, North and South and found things I love from all of my experiences and love to share with others!

Look out for info on some of my favorite things: Great *Food*, Golf, Running, Olympic Weight Lifting, Cocktails, Functional *Fashion*, Skiing, The Mountains, The Ocean, and more.

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I love a few things…Family, Friends, Lakers, The GOP, Ocean, Skiing, Running, *Fashion* and Golf.

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2 Comments to “About Zest”

  1. I’ve been really enjoying your blog. I really like the pictures and the content and have nominated it for the Leibster Award. For all the details, please go to
    love Aliya x

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