Makeup Must-Haves-Color Paint Shadow

Welcome to our new series, makeup must-haves! I will be highlighting different makeup finds that will be a must have for your vanity. These reviews are not paid, but are my honest to goodness favorite products to use in my routine and on any makeup clients.

This week’s product is a new release of an old favorite of mine that was discontinued several years ago. This is Make Up For Ever’s Aqua XL Color Paint Shadow ($25), an update to Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Cream that was originally created for Cirque Du Soleil’s ‘O’. The downfall of the old Aqua Cream was its delivery in a cream shadow pot which had a tendency to dry out over time. The new Aqua XL Color Paint Shadow is in a tube, protecting the product from outside air and keeping the product from drying.

Color Paint Shadow comes in a wild 20 shades including 12 matte, 4 shimmer and 4 satin. The colors range from an everyday ‘Iridescent Warm Beige’ to the bold ‘Matte Red’.


I purchased the ‘I-50 Iridescent Warm Beige’ and ‘L-54 – Lustrous Taupe’ to take with me to Lake Powell, UT in late June. I was beyond ecstatic to see this back on the shelf at Sephora because I know how well it worked. Our trip to Lake Powell was very fun, but VERY hot. Our highest high was 117º so keeping moisturizer on your face was tough, let alone trying to keep eyeshadow on, but the Color Paint Shadow did the trick! 

I placed the ‘I-50’ on my lid to my brow bone and also as a highlighter on my cheeks and the ‘L-54’ in my crease. The shadow amazingly stayed on not only through the extreme heat, but through swimming, snorkeling, jet skiing, and hot (because it was unavoidable) yoga. While I’m not the prissiest girl when I’m camping on a houseboat, it is nice to have something on your eyes in our ten days on the water.

The best thing about this product, when I get back to my normal routine, I use it as my eyeshadow primer and it really does have a 24 hour waterproof wear! I’m thrilled to see this product back and better than ever!



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