Welcome to Boulder Joe’s!

Trader Joe’s opened over the weekend in Boulder. I’ve been waiting SO long. Since 1993, in fact. When I lived in Redondo Beach, I worked two doors down from TJ’s. Unfortunately, I was in San Francisco during the Boulder opening so I did my due diligence and asked everyone what they like to shop for at Trader Joe’s.

Here’s the consensus:



·      Soy Chocolate Ice cream

·      Biscotti

·      Chocolate Chip Cookies

·      Chocolate Bars

·      Cookie Butter (this is not one of ours, but I do not stop hearing about it)


Packaged foods:

·      Almonds (how are they so much better than other Almonds?)

·      Trail Mix

·      Fancy Crackers

·      Corn Salsa



·      Orange Chicken

·      Teriyaki Chicken

·      Brown Rice

·      Mac & Cheese

·      Edamame

·      Green Beans

In general, we think the frozen veggies and fruit are good



·      Tea Tree products

·      Shaving Cream

·      Sponges

·      Vitamins



·      Fresh Basil

·      Fresh Flowers

·      Bread

·      Broccoli Slaw with Carolina BBQ Sauce

·      Marinated Steak

·      Pesto Chicken

·      3 buck chuck (formerly two buck chuck) the couple I was sitting next to had people bring it to their wedding in Colorado. Not sure I’d put this on my own list.


Anything we missed?? Everyone finds their own Joe’s Gems. J



Boulder Trader Joe’s Post Opening Day Craziness