Shrimp tacos

Beginning with this recipe from Rick Bayless…

We made some yummy shrimp tacos. Of course, we changed a few things. For example, we didn’t have any dried peppers, so we used regular old standby, Gebhards chili powder. There is no substitute for fresh dried peppers or even single variety chili powers like ancho and guajillo. But an American mom of Mexican heritage told me to use Gebhardt’s and if I don’t have the other kinds I still do. We used that and chipotle powder.

It kicks all those fancy one from the expensive foods stores, which all add cloves or cinnamon, which I hate. I like my chili to be chili flavored.

We saved calories by not making the sort of quesadilla wrapper that Rick suggests. Wish we didn’t…sounded delicious.

We did make the tangy peanut avocado salsa, which was good. Kelly liked it more than I did. If I’m going to spend calories I will go for cheese every time.

The shrimp for the tacos came out fantastic!

OOOPs we forgot to take the picture of the finished tacos. Try Rick’s original recipe and let us know what you think.






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