The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This Christmas season seems to have snuck up on me! We had another December celebration that went to the forefront this year, Ali’s graduation from college!

(More on that from a guest post to come…) We ended up with a multi-day celebration in several towns with LOTS of people. We even had a surprise family guest, which is always fun! It seemed like as soon as we had closed up shop on those parties, it was time to prepare for more. It got me thinking about Christmas traditions and how it is the silliest of things that really keeps the tradition alive. We have a couple of funny ones: first, since we were usually traveling for the holidays, we never really got into heaping presents under the tree. But out of that came a funny tradition of shopping for stocking stuff (usually including the toothbrush, razor, etc that we forgot to bring along) all together somewhere like the drugstore. It became this silly thing that I still love to do. It was a great time for family bonding and silly little jokes. Another tradition we have always had is Mexican food on Christmas Eve. It used to mean a visit to our family favorite place in LA with lots of people…they were willing to accommodate our party of 20 or so. We have carried on this tradition here in Colorado, but now it means we cook. On the menu this year is ground beef, shrimp, and grilled veggie tacos, black beans, and all the fixins. It is always a good time and has become a great gathering of some of our favorite friends!

I love that these traditions keep great memories of family and friends alive each year. We are also forming some new traditions that promise to stick around for years to come. What kinds of traditions are you keeping alive this year?



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  1. Congrats Ali! Kelly, road trip memories and Christmas traditions all in one post- nice. I really enjoyed it. And I can picture Jack scrutinizing potential gifts in the back bins of the drugstore with a shit eating grin of impishness! How fun!Happy Holidays

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