Fitness Log

If you follow Zest, you know that I love to cook (and eat). In order to stay fit, I also work out. I LOVE a great workout. There is really nothing like the feeling when you finish at the gym and feel like you gave it your all! I wanted to share with you something that helps me stay on track at the gym. I keep a rather detailed log of my workouts. This is something I have really gotten good at this year and I have to say, it has made a huge difference in keeping me on track. Tonight at the gym, a man saw me writing in my book and his reaction was, “wow, I can’t remember what I did yesterday!” I told him that is the point of the book because I can’t remember without it either!

Before I begin my workout, I write down my plan and loosely put in a grid to fill in while I work. Sometimes things change as I work through my plan. I might change an exercise if a machine is not available or something doesn’t feel great that day. I also keep tabs on what time I arrive and what time I finish. After some encouragement from my mom I also started writing down notes. Like if someone complimented me on something or if I felt better or worse than usual. I do have to admit also, I know the exact day that my boyfriend asked me out because he gave me his number in my book. J

My book is like a security blanket now. (I even got halfway to the gym without it one day and had to go back for it). I use it every time I am at the gym and it really helps me to set benchmarks for myself. If I did 10 reps last time, maybe I can get 12 today. If I did 180lbs on the leg press last time, maybe I can get 200lbs today. I star PRs and record body measurements and my weight. I think the key to a tool like this is to find your own way. Mine has evolved from just some notes on a page to a system that works for me. My dad has always kept a running log (he has recorded ever mile he has run since 1976!) and always encouraged me to do it. This is the first time I have really committed and I am glad I did. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it helps me to stay committed and make progress. (The pretty cover doesn’t hurt!) There is something motivating about putting pen to paper and knowing you did it.





  1. Congrats! A workout log is one of those little things that big winners always do. I wish I could do it but my brain is always mushy (more mushy than my ass actually, and that is saying something!). Working out though is something I can never get enough of. Ive been enjoying our new gymnastics boot camp class.
    Thanks for sharing, Im motivated to log log log. jude

    • Gymnastics boot camp sounds fun! (Though I think it would be ugly to watch me attempt it) It is funny, I had two more comments on my book tonight at the gym…I never knew anyone noticed. It helps me a lot! Good luck with yours 🙂

  2. […] it made me think before I put anything in my mouth because I knew I had to write it down. When you journal workouts, it helps you to make progress. You may run a little farther or faster. You may do two more reps, […]

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