With as much I love salt, you’d never know that for the first 15 years of marriage I didn’t use it at all. We thought it was bad for you. Not that I douse everything with it, but I do use it. All the time. In fact, I occasionally get a gift of salt.

Here’s how I like to use it:

Morton’s salt

When it rains it pours. I guess salt used to get stuck. I do remember bits of rice at the diner’s salt shaker growing up. I still use regular salt for baking. I don’t take the time to convert to kosher salt.
Kosher salt

I like this for every kind of seasoning. Sprinkling over entrees, meat before grilling, soups, salads while they are cooking. I like that you can feel and see how much you are using
Celtic grey salt

Finishing. This is my favorite. I use it to finish foods, every kind. I also like it in salads, some desserts. I like the crunch in mouth.
Hawaiian salt

This salt is “saltier” than most. I like this especially in pasta water. You don’t have to use as much and it makes an impact. I also like it in soup.
Trader Joes Pink Hawaiian salt

I like this in the same way as celtic salt but if you want a fine finish. Also great on popcorn.

Tabasco Salt


Pretzel Salt

Soft pretzels. (Or just out of your hand.)
There are so many to try. Which salts do you love and how do you use them?




  1. I like a salty dog, an old salt or I take it with a grain of salt. I’d say you are worth your salt! How about gargling with Epsom salts? Is that stuff even salt? Salt makes a functional and yucky tooth brush if you are desperate (backpacking)

    • Thanks, Jude. I’ve had log on difficulties so couldn’t respond. The Trader Joe’s one grinds it so fine that it is perfect w/ popcorn.
      Hope you had a good camping trip!! Mar

  2. Mar – This is so interesting. Altho we use sea salt, have not experimented with the others. Would love to try them!
    Of course we love tabasco so much Tim travels with one in his backpack! Sue

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