Cooking for a Boy

When you bring a new man into your life and say “I like to cook,” you better deliver. It always seems like a lot of pressure, even if you know you can make something great. I, of course, decided to take my chances and see what looked good at the store and wing it, rather than actually planning something ahead. Since my wonderful boyfriend had been traveling, I was going for healthy and not for a “man meal.” I decided that salmon was a good choice but I had to challenge myself with a method I hadn’t tried and a sauce I created with what was on hand plus two of my very favorite standbys: bruschetta (with help from Ali) and zucchini salad. I have to apologize for not having final photos, but I ended up a bit distracted trying to host and not burn my zucca! Such are the trade offs, right? All I can say is this is a meal you could serve for any occasion you are looking for something healthy and fantastic. Keep an eye out for the bruschetta recipe soon! Enjoy!



Herb and Mustard Salmon

With Broiled Zucchini Salad

1 Lb Salmon – Boned

Handful of Fresh Herbs – Cleaned, Stemmed and Chopped

2 T Dijon Mustard

2 T Dry White Wine

2 T Olive Oil

1 Clove Garlic

Salt & Pepper


2 Zucchini – Sliced lengthwise

1 Tomato – Chopped

Mixed Greens

Juice of Half a Lemon

Olive Oil

Goat Cheese

Salt & Pepper


Combine herbs, mustard, wine, oil, garlic, salt and pepper in a blender and pulse to create a paste. Lightly oil a baking dish and place the salmon in the dish, skin-side down. Cover with the paste. Bake at 350° for 20-25 min. Check for desired doneness and allow to rest about 5 min. While you make the salad:


Lay the zucchini on baking dishes and spray lightly with cooking spray and season with salt and pepper. Place under the broiler for about 5-7 min. Watch them carefully and turn once, halfway through. Allow to cook until very brown. Set aside while you toss the greens and tomatoes with lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. Add desired amount of crumbled goat cheese. Place salad on the plate and top with several slices of the zucchini and your lovely salmon.



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