Impromptu CSA Salad

Went out to Red Wagon Farm on 63rd Street in Boulder to pick up my CSA box. I’ll admit I feel like it’s an extra step in my day to pick up my box after work. When I get out there though, it’s so peaceful. It’s fun to see the fresh produce and goats. I feel like I can breathe again.

The menu this week was:

– Beets OR carrots
– Hakurei turnips OR scarlet turnips
– Peas
– Kale OR collard greens OR chard
– Arugula
– Garlic

 So this week we got arugula, hakurei turnips, beets, swiss chard, garlic and peas.

Since I got home late, we took advantage of the arugula and some already grilled chicken in the refrigerator and game up with one of the most simple, fresh and best salads ever.


Impromptu CSA Salad

4 cups arugula

1 uncooked beet, julienned (as thin as possible)

Handful of lettuce (from our neighbor’s garden) Thanks Lynn & cliff!

Handful of sugar snap peas, chopped

One orange, sections separated into supremes, juice squeezed and reserved from the leftovers

Grilled chicken.




1T olive oil

Reserved Orange juice

Garlic clove


Slice or chop the chicken.

Toss the greens, sugar peas, lettuce with the dressing. Plate the salad and top with the beets, orange supremes, chicken and parmesan.





  1. yum! This looks delicious 🙂

    I know it sounds funny, but I seem to enjoy salads more when other people make them. For some reason, after putting in the effort to clean, chop and prepare all the veggies, it never tastes as good. But I would demolish your salad!

    Thanks for linking up!

    • I feel that way about salad too…I love it MUCH more if someone else makes it, but sometimes they do come together 🙂 One thing we try to do sometimes is keep the ingredients prepped and washed ahead, just to make it feel like a little less work at the time!

    • I completely agree! There are so many dressings you can make at home in under a minute and it makes all the difference. Anytime you can control the ingredients it is so much better!

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