Weekend Project: Gardening

You may remember that last year was my first real attempt at gardening. I have always been around it I suppose, but never really took the time to learn what to do. Well since last year’s experience with annuals was a success, I thought I would try to recreate it. This weekend we went to find some annuals for the front walk. I loved the miniature dahlias that we found last year and though we couldn’t get the same color, we found a great pink version. Instead of the pink petunias that we did last year, we decided on a bright white version. I think they will bring their own kind of cheerfulness to the front of the house.

In addition, we found a couple of tomatoes and peppers to try. We have not had great success with tomatoes, but maybe this is our year! (If you have any tips, please share!) We are really hoping the Mr. Stripey version gives us some fruit. It is so fun to have some different colors to work into the summer recipes!

We always plant a few herbs to get us through the summer; I find that we use a ton of fresh herbs when they are readily available. Otherwise, they can be a bit cost prohibitive. So far we put in basil, parsley, cilantro, rosemary and thyme. Plus some mint segregated in a pot in an attempt to keep it under wraps. It was so happy once I planted it; it started to spread out immediately!

We also added some lavender just for fragrance and maybe for some creative cocktails to come.

Finally, we put together a couple of pots to live by the door. Rocky Mountain Red Geraniums and White Bacopa will make for a cheerful pot.

Keep an eye out for new creations out of our weekend work. J What do you like to grow? Anything we should add?



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