Another May Day, Another Birthday!

May is a busy month for us: we kick off the month with Dad’s birthday, then Ali’s birthday, and Mother’s Day not to mention the end of high school golf season (which I coach). Trying to come up with something new to make each day feel special is always a challenge. This year I found some inspiration on Pinterest for some adorable golf inspired cupcakes. Perfect for my sister (and my golf team)! If you have a golfer in your life, these are a great novelty. There wasn’t a recipe for these so I found recipes from some of my favorite places and Mary and I winged the decorations. The cake ended up more like a muffin which was a nice balance for the rich frosting. You could use any of your favorite components as the backdrop for these cupcakes. They are a bit labor intensive, but definitely worth the impact. Have fun with these!



Vanilla Bean Cupcakes

Sprinkles Famous Dark Chocolate Frosting


After preparing the cupcakes and letting them cool, prepare the frosting according to directions. Frost the cupcakes generously. Finely crush 3 graham crackers and set aside. Use a small spoon to make a depression for the “sand trap.” Cover the frosting with green sugar sprinkles. Carefully fill the depression with the crushed graham crackers. Use a dragée as a golf ball and add the flags for the final touch! I ended up making flags with some toothpicks and file labels folded in half and trimmed. J


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