Thanksgiving Countdown: 1 Day

Today is a big prep day! Check out our list here. There are always things that come up and things that you forgot to pick up. Or maybe new great ideas you came up with this week that you just have to incorporate. Regardless, I will be trekking out to the store for a few last minute things and some decorations. Plus, a trip to the gym for one more good workout.

Here’s how we split up the day:


5:30 Spinning Class

7:00 Review Thanksgiving lists

8:30 Work

12:00 Lunch Prep time! I work close to home, so in 45 minutes here’s what I accomplished:

  • Peel potatoes and celeriac. Store in water.
  • Cut Celery, carrots, radishes. Store in water.
  • Clean and sauté Leeks.
  • Coordinate with friends –bringing me stuffing so I’ll have it in the am. Also bringing appetizer, squash, rolls and whatever else she wants to make (thanks Lisa!)

Back to work!

I got off easy.

Here’s what Kelly did:

  • Gym for a good 90 minute strength workout got my head on straight for errands!
  • Running store to sign up for the Turkey trot! (Really? Yep. Guess we’re doing that)
  • Went to Whole Foods (For the complicated special order boned turkey for the roulade. Even they think we are crazy; at least we don’t have to bone it this year!)
  • Went to regular grocery
  • Went to specialty store for candles—that worst part with people buying last minute decorations and cookware, yikes!
  • Blanched the green beans
  • Made croutons
  • Made ginger cookies
  • Started setting the table
  • Another run to the liquor store!

Still to do tonight:

  • Set the table
  • Make dip for veggie platter
  • Lay out clothes for tomorrow: running and dress up clothes (what to wear??)
  • Make compound butter for the turkey
  • Lay out serving dishes/utensils for the buffet

Hope your preparations are going as well as ours! The best part of today I have to say was the beautiful Colorado sky and 70 degree weather with an open sunroof. Happy thanksgiving to you and yours!!







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