Holiday Fitness

We REALLY don’t want to gain the usual two to five pounds during the holidays. Here are some things we try to do:

  • Do your best on the non-holiday meals to eat healthy, non goopy meals.
  • For breakfast eat something light and filling like oatmeal, fruit and non fat yogurt.
  • Do your best to include fresh fruits and veggies at each meal, accompany with lean protein like chicken or shrimp.
  • Try to get some exercise in the morning so that it doesn’t go by the wayside. My husband has completed 27 marathons and he says if you plan to run six miles…if you actually run in the morning before starting your day you WILL run six miles. If you wait till lunch it’ll be four and if you wait till after work it will end up being one or two.
  • Set a minimum bottom line for exercise during the holidays. For example, mine is to walk for 20 minutes. No matter what. We’ll see how it goes…
  • Find a Turkey Trot (or other outdoor activity) to do with your family on Thanksgiving morning. Getting some exercise in is a good way to earn your dinner!

P.S. If you can’t decide what to do at the gym, check out Gabby Reece’s Train 360 plans.



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