Thanksgiving Countdown: 4 Days

Today we want to share with you our plan for the week. As I mentioned before, we like to spread out our tasks across the week to make things a bit easier. Yesterday, we did most of our shopping, so we are all set to get started. Since some things save better than others, you need to think about what can be done the earliest. Also, now is a good time to reconfirm your guests. Just remember, if anyone wants to come last minute (or cancels), you are already making everything so don’t freak out! Here is what we are planning:


  • Finish menu planning
  • Shop
    • Grocery
    • Beverages, both non-alcoholic, festive cocktails, wine and beer – Ask your guests to bring what they like to drink. If you keep what you like or the basics, then you are covered. Remember kids and non-drinkers.


  • Count place settings
  • Polish silver, check glasses for dust.
  • Make cranberry sauce
  • Make pumpkin roulade (to be frozen)
  • If you are making rolls or pie crust, make them today and freeze
  • Start defrosting turkey in the refrigerator (ours is 21 lbs, check the instructions for your bird)
  • Get nails done (a nice treat after prepping all day)


  • Get a good workout in to start the week off right!
  • Decide on seating arrangements
  • Pull out decorations


  • Complete shopping
  • Make onion jam
  • Brine turkey (if you do this; we don’t)
  • Blanch green beans
  • Make stuffing (leaving out eggs to add before stuffing the turkey)


  • Make cranberry relish
  • Peel potatoes and keep refrigerated in a water bath
  • Set the table
  • Clear serving area
  • Set up bar and chill beverages
  • Clean the house


  • Turkey Trot!
  • Roast Turkey
  • Turkey Roulade
  • Mashed Potatoes with Celery Root
  • Finish Citrus Green Beans
  • Defrost pumpkin roulade
  • Make gravy
    • William Sonoma makes Turkey Gravy Base that we always keep on hand for Thanksgiving just in case you need to supplement your gravy. It is awesome, especially if you end up a little scant on your drippings. My recommendation is to get it early because they tend to sell out; I drove 35 miles last year to get ours…oops!

Our Thanksgiving tends to be pretty traditional and straightforward. We try to include everything that is a favorite of each guest: if there is something they can’t live without, we make try to make it happen or ask them to bring it. We try to experiment on the other things and tend to make a few last minute additions (often in the way of appetizers and dessert). Plus, as I mentioned, we delegate a lot of the tasks which makes the day much easier! It has always been a team effort for us, which really is fun. Is there anything unusual you include for Thanksgiving? Fried turkey? Noodles? Soup? We always love hearing people’s traditions!



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