La Chamba Columbian Pottery

Let me introduce you to La Chamba Columbian Pottery!

There has been some interest in the pot we pictured in the Chicken Cacciatore post. This amazing pot was a gift from our friend Susie. She has the best interior design in Aspen, CO. If you need a referral, let me know.

I’ve never seen anyone else use them, but I’ve always admired the set at her home. On a recent visit I had a chance to cook with them myself. I baked some beets which cooked perfectly. At home they never seem to cook evenly. We also cooked the previously posted summer shrimp. They were so great. They cook more evenly than anything I’ve ever used. They can be used directly over flame. It takes a little longer to warm them up but once warmed the heat stays warm and even.

There are pots and frying pans.

La Chamba Columbian Pottery

Here’s a quote from the site:

Black clay Chamba cookware is well-known throughout Colombia and is used in restaurants and homes for preparing and serving traditional dishes (such as a Ajiaco ). Its origins can be traced back at least 700 years to vases and pitchers found in pre-Columbian archaeological sites. It is still made in the traditional manner, by families in the village of La Chamba, on the banks of the Magdalena River in Central Colombia. Each piece is hand-crafted using local clays, burnished by hand and fired on-site. The painstaking process and natural materials give the dishes an authentic, distinctive and elegant look, yet Chamba is strong enough to use on the stovetop, oven or microwave. Chamba cookware heats evenly and is renowned for retaining heat.

They’re quite inexpensive compared to most cookware and they’re beautiful…as long as you like black!



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