Weekend Project: Painting

I have mentioned this once or twice before, but I am not exactly an experienced do-it-yourselfer. I did lots of crafty things in college (as a sorority girl it was required). In general though, if I know someone else can do it better than me, I might just enlist my “get a guy” strategy. This summer however, I have tried to take on a few small projects to hone new skills. (Remember my garden??) Anyway, this time I decided to take on a small painting project. We have some “art niches” in our entry and they really needed some contrast.

So, we decided on going with a dark contrast color in the back with a slight metallic sheen. The Ralph Lauren paint we chose had a textured roller to create the lovely finish. They had instructions on how to best apply the paint as well.

I did not use a primer in this case because it was a small space and the existing paint was a creamy color and not bright white.

By using a ‘W’ pattern, I got good coverage, then I went back over the paint with the textured roller from top to bottom to create the final effect.

My attempt at removing the tape did not go perfectly, so I took a small brush to cut in.

Overall, I think it came out looking great! Think it’s an improvement??



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