American Soldier

Ali and Cliffy

This weekend, we had the privilege of thanking a family friend for his service to this great country of ours prior to his deployment to the ‘sandbox.’ Marine Corporal Clifford Goshia is someone we were lucky enough to grow up with, I am so proud to see the man and the Marine that he has become. His incredible sacrifice for our country is what makes America great. He spends his life standing up for our ideals and our people. I would like to thank him (and his family) again for all he and his comrades do for us every day and offer my thoughts and prayers. Thank you Cliffy! Come home to us safe and sound.




  1. We certainly concur and are so proud of you Cliff. We wish for you to come home safely and quickly. Naomi and Dick

  2. Cliff, I have never met you but have known your Grandma Lynn for 35 years. You got lucky when you got Lynn and Cliff for Grandparents. We wish you well and thank you for your service.
    MA & Sid

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