Get Started, Get Fit

Sneezing hurt my abs today. I guess it is just part of getting back after my fitness goals for 2011. Started slow with the fitness regime on January 1st with a very slow and VERY cold walk. In my defense, it was 1 degree! Started out the door with every intention of getting a good walk/run start to the year but when my face stung after 200 yards, I decided to ease in to the year.

We have always had fitness goals as a family and this year is no exception. We started this morning with our early morning CrossFit class (at CrossFit Julia) and started prepping for their Vision Quest Fitness Challenge starting this week. If you aren’t familiar with CrossFit, the workouts combine Olympic weight lifting with plyometrics and cardio. The workouts are short(ish) but intense. You generally start with a warm up and stretching and skills building before transitioning into the WOD (work out of the day). The workouts range from 10 min-45 min but you never stop moving. What is great about CrossFit is that you workout with people of all different levels. When starting out, it is more about beating your own benchmarks than competing with others. Anyway, I am really sore…in a good way.

In 2010, the whole family took on our first half marathon together. We all did Big Sur Half Marathon in November to finish up the year. It was a great accomplishment for everyone to be healthy and finish! We are looking for another race for this year. My dad is a dedicated runner and inspired the rest of us to get moving. If you are looking for some new inspiration for the new year, take one step at a time and make it fun! Getting fit and staying on track is always easier when it is fun. Find a buddy and mix it up. Set goals and write everything down. That is my formula for success, now just go for it! We would love to hear your goals and accomplishments as well!


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